Jul 30, 2008

Better Deal from Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank provides a better deal on term deposit.

24 months (Interest paid monthly) 8.35%
24 months (Interest paid quarterly) 8.40%
24 months (Interest paid half-yearly) 8.45%
24 months (Interest paid yearly or maturity) 8.65%

Note: Balance will have to be over $5000.

Jul 27, 2008

Term Deposit 8.40% for 2 years

Westpace is offering the high interest rate 8.40% for term deposit for 2 years. With the hint from RBA that interest rate may fall, this seems a pretty good deal.

# No set-up, monthly service or management fees
# Competitive fixed interest rate on balances of $5000 and above
# Interest paid annually

They also have 7.8% offer for 3-month term deposit.

See Westpac for more details.

Jul 12, 2008

New Rice Price

Found the better price for jasmine rice. Safeway is selling it for $15.

I have not tried it yet; but I hope it is as good as Coles' one. Price of Coles' jasmine rice increases to $19 now.

Stock it up!

Commsec Cash Management Account

Forget about CDIA!!! We have the better account now.

Commsec is now offering the Cash Management Account which contains a cash account and an investment account. With the investment account, we can earn the interest rate of 7.5%pa. Yes, 7.5%!

Both accounts offer no monthly fee. Unlimited electronic transactions; meaning unlimited withdraw from CBA ATM's (using MasterCard Debit Card.)

Please see more details on Commsec.