Apr 30, 2012

Baby Teething Biscuit Recipes

Growing teeth causes itchness.  My baby loves to have teething biscuits daily.  In the supermarket, 12 biscuits cost around $3 to $4; it's not sustainable!  I started looking for recipes online and found out two sites have the best information I can get.  Below, I summarized them into one page:

IMPORTANT CAUTION: When feeding your infant Teething Biscuits or any other food that may pose a choking hazard, it is VERY important to watch the child closely.

Mt Martha Sewage Treatment Plant Tours

Mt Martha Education CentreEver wondered where the water from your house goes when you flush? Here's your chance to find out. South East Water conducts FREE tours of the Mt Martha Sewage Treatment Plant for school and community groups in the South East Water region. If you would like to book simply:

  1. Read the booking terms and conditions.
  2. Complete the online booking form.
A member of the Education Team will contact you within seven business days to confirm your booking. If you have any questions please contact the Education Team on (03) 8788 4087 or email toursmmtp@sewl.com.au

 Booking Details:

Pelican Feeding at San Remo

Pelican feeding at San Remo
Pelican feeding can be viewed for free every day from 11:30pm on the foreshore near the Fisherman's Co-Op at San Remo, gateway to Phillip Island.  The pelican feeding area has amenities including children's playgrounds and barbecue areas.

Apr 25, 2012

Beer Price at Costco

  • Guinness Draught 24x440ml cans  $59.99
  • Bulmers Pear Cider 12x500ml bottles  $42.99
  • Bulmers Original Cider 12x500ml bottles $42.99
  • James Boag's Premium 24x375ml bottles $39.89
  • Becks 24x330ml bottles $39.89
  • Heineken Mini Keg 5L  $29.99
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro 24x330ml bottles $44.99
  • Hahn Premium Light 24x375ml bottles $31.99
  • Grolsch 24x330ml bottles $39.99
  • Asahi Super Dry 24x330ml bottles $46.99
  • Stella Artois 24x330ml bottles $39.89

Apr 13, 2012

Child Property Ownership

IT'S a case of walking before they can even crawl for some very young property owners, with parents setting up their children for property ownership almost from the day they are born. 
The far-sighted plan is more common in Europe than Australia but the same benefits apply. As Australian prices continue to rise and affordability worsens, child landlords are expected to become increasingly common here too.
Under Australian law, minors (anyone under age 18) can own property in their own name. So there is nothing stopping parents or family pooling their combined birthday and Christmas money for the kids and buying a property for them instead. What better gift than to have a home virtually paid off by the time they move out?
But there are some catches. The first is tax and the second is finding a seller willing to enter a contract with a minor including those so young they can't read or write.

Apr 9, 2012

Costco Price Update (April, 2012)

Basa Fillets 3kg - $16.89

Baby Wipes Tencel 900 wipes - $27.98

Free Range Eggs 600g 18pk - $4.29

Frozen Blueberries 1kg - $6.29

Frozen Mixed Berries 1kg - $6.79

Fresh Asparagus 1kg - $8.49

Lilydale Free Range Chicken $5.79 per kg

Margarine 1kg - $1.99

Tasty Cheddar 700g - $7.59

Viva Paper Towel 12x60 sheets $15.98
(I think the price of paper towel was increased substantially!) 

Kikkoman Soy Sauce 2L - $9.99

Samsung Series 6/D6000 55" LED
100Hz 1080P Full HD 3D TV - $1499.99

SONY EX5 Bravia 55"
100Hz LCD 1080P Full HDTV - $1099.99

iRobot ROOMBA 530 Vacuum Cleaning Robot - $394.99

Apr 8, 2012

Melbourne Open House

Melbourne Open House unlocks your city. You’ll be able to explore incredible buildings for free.
Residents, visitors, families, design buffs, architecture fans – absolutely anyone who loves Melbourne is invited to explore great contemporary, historic and sustainable buildings and spaces. 

Melbourne Open House is a not-for-profit association that runs annual events providing the public a free and rare opportunity to discover a hidden wealth of architectural, engineering and historic buildings nestled around the city.
The inaugural MOH 2008 event saw 8 buildings open and more than 30,000 visits across the day. Since then, the event has grown; the 2010 event expanded to 59 buildings, incorporating Docklands in addition to Melbourne’s CBD, and in 2011 75 buildings opened their doors to the public. Now in its 5th Year, Melbourne Open House 2012 is set to open 100 doors – spanning across commercial, residential and green buildings, as well as places of worship and sporting grounds throughout Melbourne on the 28 + 29 July. 

The Light in Winter - Federation Square

Where: Federation Square, Melbourne
When: 1 June - 1 July
 +61 3 9655 1900

The Light in Winter brings together local and international artists, designers, architects, filmmakers and multicultural groups in a free, month-long program of light sculptures, talks, events, workshops, performances and the much-loved Solstice Celebration.

Directed by Robyn Archer, this 2012 program draws inspiration from the National Year of Reading, celebrating the way that reading and the “word” enlighten us. From ghostly text messages and lights for the blind to Pacific Islander body art, literary and oral traditions are re-imagined in surprising ways.

Now in its sixth year, The Light in Winter has welcomed design luminaries from around the world, including Bruce RamusRafael Lozano-HemmerSrinivas Krishna and United Visual Artists.

This year Federation Square has commissioned an ambitious new work from Spanish collective Luzinterruptus, whose playful interventions have brought light to the streets of Madrid, New York and Berlin.

Beginning with the first bright sparks of Indigenous campfire, Leempeeyt Weeyn, The Light in Winter will grow steadily throughout the month, with local artists and designers creating a village of light that will envelop the site.

Every day of the season, there will be something new to see and do, including calligraphy workshops, dinners in the dark and the intriguing prospect of pajama-clad Melburnians Reading in Bed!

The Solstice Celebration will be held on the Saturday night closest to the true winter solstice, the longest night of the year and the beginning of the journey towards Spring (Saturday 23 June).

In ‘a night of a thousand lights’ more than 20 multicultural groups will connect in a free public program of music, dance, food and storytelling, with visitors encouraged to share in the glow of 1000 hand-made lanterns.