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10 Things to Know

DID YOU know that some Australians can receive up to $36,000 from the Federal Government just for staying in the workforce? You'll have to do more than just stay put in a job to qualify for the $4000-plus baby bonus, but it doesn't require much effort - or even a partner - to claim $1500 from the Federal Government for your super co-contribution. Most of the time, we know if a benefit is coming our way and some are automatically paid to those who qualify. But sometimes we forget to apply for special benefits or we haven't noticed that the qualifying rules have changed. So here's a snapshot of some of the popular and lesser-known government benefits and who's entitled to them. You never know, there might be a nice big chunk of cake out there with your name on it! 1 IT PAYS TO BE GREY If you are aged 60 and not working full-time, chances are you'll qualify for the coveted Seniors Card, issued free by each state and territory government. The card enables holders to

BankWest 8% Regular Saver Account

Get Australia's highest savings interest rate. Save between $50 and $500 per month, with no withdrawals, and we'll reward you with 8% p.a. and no account fees! * 8%p.a. * No account fees * Link your Regular Saver to an eligible BankWest linked account As long as you deposit between $50 and $500 per calendar month and make no withdrawals, we'll pay you the highest savings interest rate in the country! Not only that, but the interest is calculated daily and paid monthly, so you can earn interest on your interest! On the anniversary of your account opening the balance of your Regular Saver account will be automatically swept to your linked account, for you to use as you wish. And then you can start saving for another year! Go to BankWest for more details.