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Civilization V Campaign Edition - Debug Mode (Mac)

Civilization is one of the best turn-based game.  Recently, I started playing Civ 5 on Mac.  As usual, I looked for cheat codes to speed up the learning curve.  All I found in the net were all related to PC. Here is how you do it in Mac. You will need to edit the config file via Terminal. The file is under /Users/ username /Library/Application Support/Civilization V Campaign Edition/config.ini Change "DebugPanel = 0" to "DebugPanel = 1" In game, all you need to do is press ~ key to open debug panel. As far as I know, the only useful cheat is Reveal All. Have fun!

Breeze MasterCard® - 10% cashback

 Offered by Bankwest! Happiness is a low rate Looking for a credit card with a low rate and loads of great benefits? You've found it. The new Bankwest Breeze is now offering you 10% cashback on your festive spend at all department stores, grocery stores and on eating out for 3 months. That's right, 10% cashback... no catches, just happy shopping!! Breeze also offers you the lowest ongoing purchase rate of any MasterCard in Australia – just 10.99% p.a. It can even help you consolidate outstanding balances on your non-Bankwest credit cards. Transfer them over to your new Bankwest Breeze MasterCard and you'll pay only 5.99%  p.a. for the first 12 months. Why Breeze MasterCard is a winner: 10% cashback on your everyday spend at department stores, grocery stores and on eating out for 3 months. # Australia's lowest MasterCard purchase rate of 10.99% p.a. up to 55 days interest free on purchases we won

Consumer Ratings

Canstar Blue Canstar Blue is an exciting new initiative of CANSTAR CANNEX, the ratings company. Canstar Blue’s goal is to help consumers make the right choices by promoting product excellence. Canstar Blue ratings are based on customer satisfaction, hence our tag line ‘by consumers for consumers’. Choice The People’s Watchdog Independent and transparent, CHOICE was founded in 1960 with one clear mission: to ensure the consumer voice is heard loudly and clearly. CHOICE empowers consumers to get the most out of all their purchasing decisions by providing a mix of advocacy and advice .

Solid Food For Babies - Rice Cereal

When the baby is over 6 months, we can start introducing solid food for her.  The first choice is rice cereal which is easy to make. Ingredients: 1/4 cup brown rice (brown rice is preferred) 1 cup water little formula/ breast-milk Instruction: Sterilise all cookwave first. Blend brown rice and make a powder. Boil water and add brown rice powder. Simmer for 10 minutes. Stir constantly. Add little formula or breast-milk for the taste.