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Term Deposit 8.40% for 2 years

Westpace is offering the high interest rate 8.40% for term deposit for 2 years. With the hint from RBA that interest rate may fall, this seems a pretty good deal. # No set-up, monthly service or management fees # Competitive fixed interest rate on balances of $5000 and above # Interest paid annually They also have 7.8% offer for 3-month term deposit. See Westpac for more details.

Commsec Cash Management Account

Forget about CDIA!!! We have the better account now. Commsec is now offering the Cash Management Account which contains a cash account and an investment account. With the investment account, we can earn the interest rate of 7.5%pa. Yes, 7.5%! Both accounts offer no monthly fee. Unlimited electronic transactions; meaning unlimited withdraw from CBA ATM's (using MasterCard Debit Card.) Please see more details on Commsec .