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iTunes Gift Card

Got an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or any i* from Apple.  Instead of setting up credit credit with Apple to make purchases, it is cheaper to buy iTunes gift card and redeem into your iTunes account. There are on sale frequently; usually 20%~30% off face value. Gift Cards on Sale is the best site that tracks all iTunes gift cards promotions in Australia.

Price Comparison: Nappies

Having a baby consuming nappies at the rate that makes you feel everything else is cheap.  Hunting for cheap and best nappies is an on-going adventure. Brands: - Only two brands were highly recommended via various sources. - Put a comment if you want to recommend other brands. Huggies - nappies / nappy pants - Somehow it is the best. - Girls or Boys. - The number of nappies in Bulk-size package was reduced as noticed on June 1, 2012. Effective price increased! Mamia - Aldi homebrand - Said to be as good as Huggies but at a lower price. - Unisex only. - I start using this again due to Huggies price hike. - Aldi has reduced prices on the Mamia ranges; there is also jumbo box available at the moment. (Oct 2012) Where To: - Put a comment if you know a cheaper place. Costco - Sold in mega box. - One location in Melbourne: hard to get to and harder to park a car   (Need to consider the cost of petrol unless you think going there is a weekend getaway/family trip.)