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The Bose Soundbar 700 Won't Connect to App

Bose has one of the best speaker sound. I learnt about Bose more than 25 years ago and still a fan.  I bought Soundbar 700 in 2018.  It took me a while to set it up but it has been giving me troubles once a while.  Recently, I was not able to connect Soundbar 700 with my phone.  Done the factory reset on the soundbar, it didn't work. I spent hours reseting everything multiple times and finally I found this article, .  Tweaking them all and finally got it to work again. I think the most important setting is to TURN WPS OFF on the router!  Hope it helps.
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Want to save some money?

Are you looking for more incentives to save money?  Join the Origin Spike program , you not only save on your electricity bill, but also earn points for extra cash. You will need to be an Origin Energy residential electricity customers with smart meters.  How does it work? You'll receive an SMS and/or email to let you know when to save energy – it's called the SpikeHour.  It usually happens once a week. Reduce energy use during your SpikeHour to beat your forecast. Forecasts are based on your previous average use. Give the heater or aircon a break. Put off using the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Go below your SpikeHour forecast to earn points. Redeem your points for Paypal cash and gift cards. Save energy, the planet and get paid!

ICAS Sample papers

Looking for ICAS past papers.  $15 per paper on the ICAS official site.  Or there are free samples here:  Free sample pages.  This one has some past papers.  The website is a bit weird.  Many weird pop-up links.  Be aware. Spend some more time 'google' it.  Good luck.

Reading Comprehension - Rewrite the sentence

* In this section, you are given a sentence. The sentence has then been re-written, but only the first half of the new sentence has been provided. Choose the best ending so the new sentence tells us the same thing. I walked my dog to the park. If we rewrite the beginning with: I walked to the park.. What will the ending be? A: by myself. B: with my dog. C: with my brother. D: with my cat. E: by my dog. I go swimming at the beach. If we rewrite the beginning with: At the beach... What will the ending be? A: I build sandcastles. B: I lay on the sand. C: I play with my sister. D: I go swimming. E: I swim. I am in grade 6 at school. If we rewrite the beginning with: At school I..... What will the ending be? A: am in grade 5. B: play football. C: have lots of friends. D:  am in grade 6. E: like maths. My friends and I play outside. If we re-write it beginning with: I play outside... What will the ending be? A: with my brother. B: by myself. C: with my sister. D: with my dog. E:  none of the

Reading Comprehension - Meaning

I am scared of bugs. The word scared in this sentence means: A: like B: love C: play with D: afraid E: in awe Jane is a very caring person because she tries to make sure everyone is happy. The word caring in this sentence means: A: friendly & helpful B: a nurse C: rude D: nasty E: mean The sun is shining outside; it is very hot. What does this sentence suggest? A: It is cold outside. B: It is snowing outside. C: It is not cold outside. D: It is raining outside. E: Everything is better when the sun shines. It is difficult to stand up on a ball. What does this sentence suggest? A: It is very easy to stand up on a ball. B: Standing on a ball is not hard. C: Bouncing a ball is fun. D: It is not easy to stand up on a ball. E: Standing on a ball is a trick for clowns.

Reading Comprehension - Understanding the story

* The following paragraph is to be used to answer the next question. When Mary's family goes to the beach, Mary and her brother Tim like swimming.  Mary's little sister Amy is too scared of the waves, so she stays on the sand building sandcastles. In this question, who probably doesn't like swimming in the ocean? A: Mary B: Tim C: Amy D: Amy's sister E: none of these * The following paragraph is to be used to answer the next two questions. Jack was going on a holiday to Cairns with his family. He had never been on an aeroplane before, so he was very excited about the trip. It was going to be very hot in Cairns, so Jack packed his summer clothes. In this story what had Jack never travelled on before? A:  aeroplane B: boat C: train D: bus E: Cairns Why did Jack pack his summer clothes? A: His mother told him to. B: Because it is cold in Cairns. C: His father told him to. D:  Because it is hot in Cairns. E: Because they were his favourites. * The following paragraph is to

Reading Comprehension - Grammar

For the following questions, select the option which will best replace the words underlined in the sentence to make it correct. It is very colds outside . A: colder outside. B: cold outside. C: hots outside. D: warms outside. E: icy outside. I have a pet cats . A: cats. B: pets cats. C: pets animals. D: pet cat. E: rabbit. Mary has very longs hair . A: long hair. B: longs hair. C: long hairs. D: longer hairs. E: hair long. I likes schools . A: have very very much fun at school. B: have fun at school, very much. C: a lot of fun at school. D: lots of fun at school. E: none of these