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Three steps to wealth

I saw this on today: 1. Reduce spending by eliminating monthly expense programs and unnecessary luxuries and living frugally. 2. Increase your income by improving job skills or changing jobs or consider working overtime or starting a new business. 3. Invest wisely by learning what is necessary. You can implement a conventional asset allocation of stocks and bonds using low-cost passive index funds or you can purchase positive cash flow real estate in your local area using fully amortising, fixed rate mortgages. Either strategy is proven and accessible.

10 ways to be a better parent

Parenting is a work in progress… and it doesn’t have to be New Year for you to resolve to be the best parent you can be. None of us is perfect, so try some of these 10 tips to help navigate family life. We all want to become better parents, right? The good news is it’s not as hard as we think. It’s the small things that count. Master these top 10 tips and you, your little one and your whole family will benefit. (Maybe you’re doing some or all of these things already, but we all need to check in from time to time to help us to put our busy lives into perspective.) 1. Don’t compare children Avoid comparison. Just because your best friend’s little one started walking before your tot it doesn’t mean that your child is behind with their developmental milestones . Each child has their own rate of development and being a good parent is about accepting your child as they are. That means that if they are quiet or shy compared to their siblings or friends

19 travel packing hacks

PACKING for a trip can be a daunting task.    Whether you’re concerned about saving space in your bag or the size restrictions on the liquid toiletries, organising all of your belongings into one spot seems like an impossible feat. So what better way to hack your way to a more efficient suitcase than using the best tips and tricks out there? We scoured the do-it-yourself capital of the internet — Pinterest, of course — and found the best hacks out there. These tips could potentially change your life or at the very least, your luggage space. It will make packing that bag a piece of cake. 1. Fill straws with skincare products.