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Diable 3 - Secret Pony Level

Yes, there is no cow level, but there is a pretty pony level in D3. You will need Staff of Herding in order to enter this rainbow happy island.  There are a few materials required to craft Staff of Herding: Black Mushroom (I did in 2 runs.) Leoric's Shinbone (I did in 2 runs.) Liquid Rainbow (I did in 7 runs.) Wirt's Bell (I did in 1 run.) Gibbering Gemstone (I did in 11 runs.) Staff of Herding Plans (I did in 6 runs.) This web site has a comprehensive walkthrough on how to get to Pony level.  There is no need for me to describe here again. To assemble Staff of Herding, I spent around 3 hours in total to obtains these materials.  I put the number of runs in order to get materials above. Enjoy the pony!

Myki Saving Tips

The following information is calculated based on a CBD commuter: * Full Fare * Zone 1 & 2 Facts on Myki Money: One trip with Myki Mony costs exactly the same as 2-hour Metcard. Currently, it's $5.54. This will be the base unit we used to compare with other fare types. A round trip with Myki Money is the same as two 2-hour Metcards or Daily Myki pass. Touch Off before 7:15am will be under Early-Bird; meaning FREE. Myki 7-day Pass costs exactly the same as using Myki Money for 5 days. Myki Money for weekend is $3.30 per day. Meaning:     There is no point buying Myki 7-day Pass unless you plan to travel during weekend. Another reason not to buy Myki 7-day Pass if you plan to utilize Early Bird.     For example,

Commonwealth Bank cuts interest rates on standard variable home loans

8 June 2012: The Commonwealth Bank Group (Group) today announced it will reduce interest rates on its range of variable home loan accounts by 0.21 per cent per annum with effect from Monday 18 June 2012. The new Standard Variable Rate is 6.8 per cent per annum. In making this decision, the Group has continued to balance the interests of its 1.8 million home loan borrowers with those of its 11 million depositors, and those of its shareholders, who include 800,000 Australians who own its shares directly, and millions more Australians who own shares through pension funds. Media contact: Steve Batten (02) 9117 7050 Other banks' updates can be viewed in this article .

my5 at Coles

Here’s how it works: You can choose your my5’s from over 800 Product Groups. Select all 5 Product Groups to activate your my5 discount. Your my5 discount will be active within 3 days -  remember to swipe your flybuys card at the time of purchase. Purchase up to 5 items from your selected Product Groups per day. Your my5 discount is available until 31 October 2012.  See flybuys for details. To utilize my5 to low your grocery cost, you want to choose high-cost items as your my5. This is the great news for parents with baby.  Personally, I choose nappy, formula, etc. Higgues nappy bulk size with two boxes, you would trigger the discount and get them 10% off.  At $33 a box at the moment, it would be reduced to $29.70.  That is cheaper than Costco.

Costco Price Update - TVs (May 31, 2012)

Samsung E550   WIFI 51" Plasma 1080P Full HD 3D TV - $879.99 Samsung ES6200 WIFI 46" LED 100Hz 1080P Full HD 3D TV - $1399.99 Samsung EH6000 60" LED 100Hz 1080P Full HD TV - $1999.99 Samsung ES7500 WIFI/Skype 46" LED 200Hz 1080P Full HD 3D TV - $2349.99 Samsung ES7500 WIFI/Skype 55" LED 200Hz 1080P Full HD 3D TV - $3099.99 Samsung E8000  WIFI/Skype 64" Plasma 1080P Full HD 3D TV - $3199.99 Samsung ES8000 WIFI/Skype 55" LED 200Hz 1080P Full HD 3D TV - $3599.99 Sony BRAVIA HX750 WIFI 46" LED 200Hz 1080P Full HD 3D TV - $2099.99 Sony BRAVIA HX925 WIFI/Skype 55" LED 200Hz 1080P Full HD 3D TV - $2899.99 Panasonic VIERA DT30 WIFI 37" LED 200Hz 1080P Full HD TV - $1099.97 Panasonic VIERA VT30 WIFI 50" Neo Plasma 1080P Full HD THX 3D TV - $1349.96 Panasonic VIERA ET5  WIFI 55" LED 100Hz 1080P Full HD Passive 3D TV - $1899.99 Panasonic VIERA ST50 WIFI 60" Plasma 1080P Full HD 3D TV - $2249.98

Australian Garden - Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne

Stage 2 of the Australian Garden is currently under construction and is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2012. Stage 1 of the Australian Garden is open to the public.   More information on the Australian Garden Stage 2 . Open Hours Cranbourne Gardens Entry to the Gardens is free of charge. Open: 9am – 5pm, daily Closed: Christmas Day and Days of Total Fire Ban* *The bushland at Cranbourne is closed on days of total fire ban and on days of extreme fire danger, however the Australian Garden remains open on these days.  Australian Garden Open: 9am to 5pm, daily Closed: Christmas Day

Royal Botanical Gardens

The picturesque setting of the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne extends over 36 hectares and displays more than 50,000 plants. Diverse plant collections, year-round events, unique tours, and a reputation as one of the world's finest gardens has made the Royal Botanic Gardens one of Melbourne's most popular tourist attractions. Opening hours Entry to Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne is free of charge Open: 7.30am to sunset every day of the year Go to  The Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden  for details of opening hours and activities. For details on opening hours for the Visitor Centre, Tropical Display – Glasshouse, Plant Craft Cottage, The Gardens Shop and Cafes please check out the  Open Hours  page.