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Myki Saving Tips

The following information is calculated based on a CBD commuter:
* Full Fare
* Zone 1 & 2

Facts on Myki Money:
  • One trip with Myki Mony costs exactly the same as 2-hour Metcard. Currently, it's $5.54. This will be the base unit we used to compare with other fare types.
  • A round trip with Myki Money is the same as two 2-hour Metcards or Daily Myki pass.
  • Touch Off before 7:15am will be under Early-Bird; meaning FREE.
  • Myki 7-day Pass costs exactly the same as using Myki Money for 5 days.
  • Myki Money for weekend is $3.30 per day.


    There is no point buying Myki 7-day Pass unless you plan to travel during weekend. Another reason not to buy Myki 7-day Pass if you plan to utilize Early Bird.

    For example,
  • The cost of Myki 7-day Pass is $55.40.
  • The cost of using Myki Money for 5 days is $55.40. ($5.54 * 2 * 5)
  • The cost of using Myki Money for 5 days + one day duirng weekend is $58.70. ($5.54 * 2 * 5 + $3.30)
  • The cost of using Myki Money for 5 days with one Early-Bird trip during the weekday is ($5.54 * 4 + $5.54)
  • The cost of using Myki Money for 5 days with Early-Bird trips each weekday is $27.70. ($5.54 * 5)

Facts on Myki Pass:
  • Myki 7-day Pass is mentioned above.  Unless you need to travel all weekdays and at least one day during weekend, there is no point buying it.
  • Besides Myki 7-day Pass, Myki Pass can only be purchased in 28 to 365-day range; for example, there is no 20-day Pass.
  • Myki Pass for 28-day+ is charged based on daily rate of $6.22.

    There is no point buying Myki 365-day Pass unless price is going to be increased AGAIN and you want to lock in the price.  The best deal may be to buy Myki 28-day Pass.

    For example,

        The cost of Myki 28-day Pass is $174.16. ($6.22 * 28)

    We can go a step further.  If we don't travel during weekends, instead of buying Myki 28-day Pass, we need to work out and make sure that Myki Pass expires on a Friday. Also, you want to start you new Myki Pass on a Monday.  This works out that Myki 33-day Pass is the best deal (without considering public holidays).

    For example,
        On June 4, 2012, you bought and started using a Myki 28-day Pass.  This pass will expire on July 1.  You basically paid 2 days over the weekend that you are not going to use.  In this case, you would want to purchase Myki 33-day Pass.  This pass will expire on July 6 instead.  You next Myki Pass will want to start on July 9 with 33-day again, so that it expires on August 10.
        Note: For the weekend of July 7 & 8, if you need to travel, Myki Money $3.30 is a better deal than the pass anyway.


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