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Delete that late-night emailing habit

I saw a great article today and like to share it with everyone. Hope you enjoy it. Extracted from The Office, The Age : It is NOT acceptable to be sending business emails at 11.52pm. Ever. Perhaps it’s job insecurity or perhaps some people just feel validated by compulsively pressing the send button but I for one have had enough and would like to formalise the hours in which we’re emailing before we all go insane. It’s Darwinism at its finest. Survival of the fittest is no longer about who’s the last one blearily staring at their screen in the office at night. It’s about who’s last to send an email. What better way to show the boss how hard you’re working – just CC the boss in on an email to a major client at 1am – hello pay rise! No one knows you watched MasterChef and Grey’s Anatomy , called your friend in New York on Skype, took a bubble bath and then composed an “urgent” email just before bed. It’s genius, right?

Got Milk?

Confused when buying milk in the supermarket? Check out this article by CHOICE: It’s no longer simply a matter of reaching for full-cream, light or skim milk; nowadays you have to navigate labels claiming everything from high calcium to low saturated fat and from added omega-3 to A2 proteins – not to mention the growing organic milk market. They all cost more than the generic brands of regular or low-fat milk, but are they worth the extra money? CHOICE has skimmed off the marketing hype and found that generic brands of milk are much the same as the equivalent big national brands. What’s more, the generic brands can be half the price of branded milk. Trawling the major supermarkets in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, we found more than 80 different brands and types of milk – an amazing number considering that milk production is dominated by just two big multinationals, Parmalat (based in Italy) and National Foods/Dairy Farmers (owned by Japanese

Kickstarter – new way to do fund-raising

Want to find a way to fund your project and short of money. This may be the answer for you. => Here is the FAQ of the idea: What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a new way to fund ideas and endeavors. We believe that… A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide. A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.

The great super debate

One must-read article: The great super debate John Collett | September 9 2009 | The Sydney Morning Herald & The Age After seeing a quarter of their retirement nest egg wiped out between November 2007 and March this year, super fund members were jolted out of their complacency. Funds had sustained their biggest losses since compulsory super was introduced in 1992 and bewildered members were forced to pay attention. And while some of the losses have since been clawed back, it has been a massive blow for those near the end of their working life. How, then, do ordinary members of the public judge whether their super fund is any good? Most of the information and comparison tables that consumers see are the work of a few research houses. But consumers only get half the story because bad performers are seldom mentioned. Researchers generally prefer to deal in the good news. Currently, there are only voluntary industry standards as to how funds should report their return

Tesselaar Tulip Festival

the Tesselaar Tulip Festival FLOWER POWER Sept 13 to Oct 9 2012 Time: Open daily 10am to 5pm Prices: Adults $18, Concession $15, Under 16 free            Groups of 10 or more $15 each person. Address: Tesselaar Tulip Farm, 357 Monbulk Road Silvan, Victoria 3795                Melway Map 123 B5

Join Your Voice and Make Pocket Money

The Nielsen Company is the world’s leading provider of market research and market information. The Your Voice Panel is a website and community that has been designed to provide members with a forum to voice their opinions on current affairs, products and services via online surveys. By joining the panel you also have the chance to win great prizes. Your Voice offers: A quarterly prize draw valued at up to $15,999 E-points for every survey you complete Regular survey invitations on a range of topics An opportunity to express your opinion on topics and products you are interested in Plus, you automatically receive 20 e-points just for joining!* The best part is you decide which surveys to participate in, and you can also remove yourself from the panel at any time. To Join, click here .


This iteration is a enjoyable guide for everyone who wants to know more about local culture and foods in Singapore. It was planed by myself when I visited Singapore in 2009. It contains step-by-step on how I managed to travel among this beautiful city within 2 days/2 nights. Visiting Singapore – Day 1 On the first day, the plan is to visit all famous major attractions, Singapore Flyer, Merlion, Fountain of Wealth, etc. 7:30am – Arrive Singapore 7:40am – Purchase ez-link and take the train to downtown 8:00am – Check-in hotel 9:00am – Go to City Hall statation 10:00am – Visit Merlion Park 11:00am – Esplanade/Singapore Flyer 12:00pm – Lunch at Suntec City 13:00pm – Fountain of Wealth 14:00 – Raffles Hotel 15:00 – Orchard Road 17:00 – Vivo Mall 18:00 – Sentosa 19:30 – Song of the Sea 21:00 – Back to hotel Visiting Singapore – Day 2 On the second day, it’s culture experience. Singapore is in the center of Southeast Asia. It has a mix of many cultures in this tiny c

The Zebra Plant (Haworthia Fasciata)

Compact slow growing. Heads to 8cm across, forming numerous offsets when mature. Plant in well drained soil. Outdoors in pots or garden. Indoors in any well lit position, very hardy. Low maintenance. Partial sun or any shaded position. Water when almost dry in summer, less often in winter. Drought Tolerant. Will tolerate frosts. Tall stems appear with small stiped blue flowers over growing season. Can be grown in the garden in many shaded positions.