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Kalorama Chestnut Festival (1 May 2016)

day of family fun on the mountain on the 1st May 2016. Savour the abundant chestnuts, gourmet food, Devonshire tea, coffee, artisan beer and mulled wine. Explore the diverse range of stalls showcasing locally made handcrafts and produce. Children can enjoy the fun rides and adventure play space. 10am - 4pm Delicious roasted chestnuts Poffertjees Devonshire tea and home made cakes Sausage sizzle Local restaurant food stalls Artisan beer (including chestnut beer!) and mulled wine Coffee, tea and chai Bungy jump trampolines

Chestnut Picking (April ~ May)

Location: Alpine Region Dandenong Ranges Preparation: Sunscreen Drinking water Buckets or bags Thick gloves or leather gloves Water-proof shoes or boots Hat or coat Food for picnic Fun Part – Picking: Best time is in the morning when it is not too hot. Chestnuts fall to the ground once they are ripe. The outer protective layer (the burr) is like a prickly tennis ball. This is why you need thick gloves.  This usually splits apart when it lands on the ground.  If not, use your feet to break them first. Choose the shiny ones which have no air between the nut and the shell. They should be hard to press. Discard any with worm holes or other signs of damage. Have a rest and picnic while you are there. Excitement – Eating: Clean them first. Make a cut on each chestnut Put them in a bucket of water with 1 tablespoon of sugar for 1 ~ 2 hours Roast them for 20 minutes in 180c. Enjoy.

The Northern Territory Pops ( 1 ~ 2 April 2016)

A FREE event to discover the Top End Experience a little piece of the Northern Territory right here in Melbourne, as Federation Square turns into a mock outback scene for two days at the start of April. The Territory comes down to Victoria, to immerse Melburnians into Top End culture. Enjoy a cold beer from The Waterhole; an outback inspired pub, all the while feasting on some of NT's well known pub grub cuisines. Discover the Territory's adventure-fuelled experiences, and become acquainted with the indie music scene. Cool off your outback experience with some refreshing Mango ice cream, or fill your bellies with some Northern Territory Barra and chips, Crocodile Poppers or Red Centre tarts for brekky. Food and drink aside, would you ever imagine you would get to meet some of the NT's well known creatures? In the Northern Territory pop up, you can familiarise yourselves with camels and baby crocs. Yes, right in the heart of Fed Square! Virtual reality also brings