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Adopt these foreign customs at home for a happier life

FORGET teaspoons and I heart NY T-shirts. Bring home a cultural souvenir next time you're abroad, because other countries have some damn lovely (and quirky) customs.  1. Treat yourself Nope, this doesn't mean gorge on the breakfast buffet at your hotel. The French are famous for their small portions, but that doesn't mean they skimp on the indulgence. At le breakfast , for example, a single buttery croissant or chocolate brioche stands in for the big brekkies we've become accustomed to over here. And for their savouring, the French have a much lower obesity rate than Aussies.

Free Samples from PINCHme

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Healthy Changes

One of the biggest differences in the way we eat today compared to 20 years ago is the number of extras that have become a normal part of our diets All these extras add up to an extra five to 10 unwanted kilograms. While restrictive diets seem to be the standard way for individuals to lose weight, such strict diets tend to be difficult to stick to. Instead, small but significant changes to daily food patterns, such as the following, can result in good weight loss over time. 1. Swap from lite to low-fat milk