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Toys for 24 to 30 months

Your child is now two, and has become even more assertive. But his defiance really results from the tug-of-war between his desire for independence and his continuing need for help. What he's doing -- again and again -- is testing his limits. Along with independence come expanded language skills. He can now speak in short sentences and has become more purposeful, telling you what he needs or wants. He is also beginning to understand abstract concepts. He can ask for more milk, and inquire about whether he can go to bed later. But he still doesn't understand what next month or next year means. He can form images in his mind, and organise his toys by size, or colour, or shape. His memory is improving and he may be able to tell you at the end of the day what he had for lunch. Toddlers are energetic little people, so look for toys and activities that give yours a way to channel his energy. Also look for toys that challenge his developing mind. Ride-on toys: Your