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XBMC - How can I set the skin language without having messed-up characters?

Recently, I set up a media player by installing XBMC on the new ASUS ChromeBox.  Less than $200 dollars, I now have the best media player. go to Setting/Appearance under Skin, choose the Skin type and the Font according to the following: Aeon Nox     / Korean Confluence   / Arial Based Hybird       / Arial Based PM3.HD       / Arial Quartz       / Arial Transparency / Arial Xeebo        / Arial XTV-SAF      / XBMC Default under International, choose the language

Melbourne ArtPlay

ArtPlay is housed in a distinct, free-standing building in the heart of the city, next to the Yarra River. Its public location ensures Melburnians have every opportunity to discover ArtPlay. The openness and scale of the building make people feel they can create on a large scale. The blank tables, open spaces and welcoming, natural light give the impression that anything is possible. ArtPlay’s surrounding playground opened in late 2004. It features decorated walkways, slides, sand areas and a wheelchair swing. Regular workshops at ArtPlay enable children to decorate the playground.

The Library at The Dock

107 Victoria Harbour Promenade Docklands Vic 3008 The Library at The Dock is a community hub enabling people to come together to create, explore, connect, belong, learn and participate.  This library offers a collection to suit the needs of the local community, workers and visitors to Docklands.  Opening hours Library at The Dock has long opening hours so you can browse, borrow or relax with one of our many events. Come in and check us out!  Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm   Saturday 10am to 5pm  Sunday 12pm to 5pm

How to keep our energy costs low

Top tips to reduce your energy bills: Use only one energy efficient fridge.  Get rid off other fridges. Use LED instead of halogen lights and turn them off if not used. Install insulation (rooft, windows, door, etc) Switch to solar energy.  I have not pay a cent for my electricity bill since it's installed. Put another layer of clothes on.

5 Tips For DIY Property Inspection

Inspecting a property, what are the things to look out for? 1. Check for dampness Finding neglect damp spots around the home, so if you see mould accompanied by a musty smell it is time to call in the experts for a qualified judgment of damage and cause. It can cause around $5,000 on average to resolve damp issues around the home, but serious cases could draw $50,000 from your pocket. 2. Check the water pressure Don’t be embarrassed to use taps (hot and cold), toilets and hoses to make sure the water pressure is running smoothly. If you flush the toilet and the water line wells up, this is usually a sign that the sewer lines are partially blocked and may need repairing. The average lifespan of a hot water system is around 10 years. Ask how old the system is in the particular home and budget for spending around $6,000 on average to fix faulty or illegal plumbing. If you suspect damaged water systems call in the professionals to assess the damage before proceeding

Notice Take-Home Pay Was Less?

The reason behind it is Medicare levy has grown from 1.5 per cent to 2 per cent. So how much extra will you miss a year? $30,000  — $150 $40,000  — $200 $50,000  — $250 $60,000  — $300 $70,000  — $350 $80,000  — $400 $90,000  — $450 $100,000 — $500 Mystery's solved.  Not a happy outcome though.

Melbourne Public Transport New timetables arrive 27 July, 2014

From  Sunday 27 July , a statewide public transport timetable change will deliver almost 4000 extra train, tram and bus services every week. What does this mean for you?  Metropolitan trains A new timetable on the Cranbourne/Pakenham lines will boost the frequency of train services. The Frankston line will have more services in the morning peak. More information on metropolitan train timetable changes

Get Cheap Car Parking in Melbourne CBD

Secure-a-Spot is an online booking service that provides us with a stress-free way of securing a parking spot in the Melbourne CBD whilst saving you money on the normal parking rate. It’s the perfect way to complement a romantic dinner, night at the theatre or a day’s outing with the kids.  This is especially the perfect deal for the weekend.  Don't know what government is thinking, with the $6 fare for public transportation during weekend.  Averagely family will fork out $12 (2 x adults) at least for a trip to CBD.  Now, with Secure-a-Spot, it could be as low as $5 to park the whole day.

Movie Ticket Deals in Australia

Movie tickets are so expensive in Australia.  Here is one place to get cheaper movie tickets, Ticket Bounty .

Great Deal on Crown Gift Card 20% Off

Promotion Code: ENTBK A promotion for Entertainment Book Members, but Crown does not seem to check for it. Valid for one $100 Gift Card only. Available till July 9, 2014 and is subject to availability. You will need to make multiple orders if you want more than $100. Using it at places with the Entertainment Card offer, the effective discount rate becomes 40% OFF. (25% + 20%).  For example, No 8, Bistro Guillaume, Silks, etc.