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Want to save some money?

Are you looking for more incentives to save money?  Join the Origin Spike program , you not only save on your electricity bill, but also earn points for extra cash. You will need to be an Origin Energy residential electricity customers with smart meters.  How does it work? You'll receive an SMS and/or email to let you know when to save energy – it's called the SpikeHour.  It usually happens once a week. Reduce energy use during your SpikeHour to beat your forecast. Forecasts are based on your previous average use. Give the heater or aircon a break. Put off using the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Go below your SpikeHour forecast to earn points. Redeem your points for Paypal cash and gift cards. Save energy, the planet and get paid!

ICAS Sample papers

Looking for ICAS past papers.  $15 per paper on the ICAS official site.  Or there are free samples here:  Free sample pages.  This one has some past papers.  The website is a bit weird.  Many weird pop-up links.  Be aware. Spend some more time 'google' it.  Good luck.