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How fast are Optus’ internet speeds?

How fast are internet speeds? And why aren’t my speeds consistent when using different websites or internet services - and at different times of the day? Well, this is like asking how fast you'll go if you had a Ferrari. Fast, right? But in reality it will depend on the speed limit of the road you’re travelling on and traffic conditions. Like roads, our networks have different speed limits - some being much faster than others - and all are dictated by factors meaning you may experience slower speeds than the maximum, most of the time. NETWORK "SPEED LIMITS" Technology Speed Limit What stops you experiencing these speeds?   Download Upload Specific to a technology All technologies ADSL (ULL) 20 Mbps 820 Kbps* With ADSL there is no simple answer for speed. It starts at 20 Mbps download but gets much slower the further you live from an exchange

New Costco Coupon (16 - 31 August, 2014)

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Top ten tips to sustainability

Weather-seal doors and windows to prevent heat loss in winter Insulate ceiling/floor (if raised) to retain winter warmth and repel summer heat Shade west-facing windows with blinds or plantings Change to energy-efficient lighting Install energy-efficient devices, such as a ceiling fan to circulate air and exhaust fan with damper to prevent winter-warmth loss Install solar-boosted hot water service or (if the budget allows) a solar photovoltaic system Replace openings with double glazing or, more economically, hang heavy drapes to keep heat in Install water-saving devices or at least fix leaky taps Install a rainwater tank Plant a low-water or drought-tolerant garden   (Source: Domain, The Age - 1 August 2014)