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Food Waste Avoidance 3 - Temperature Danger Zone

The TDZ lies between 5°C and 60°C, where bacteria grow and multiply the fastest. It is important to keep high-risk foods below 5°C or above 60°C. High-risks foods are: Raw and cooked meat Dairy products Eggs and egg products Seafood Cooked rice and pasta Prepared salads Prepared fruit salads

Food Waste Avoidance 2 - Save Food

Save Food   from FoodWise . Tips :

Food Waste Avoidance 1 - Use-By VS Best Before

Know your "Use By" and "Best Before"    from FoodWise. Food spoilage

5 Games to play indoors with toddlers

Too cold to go outside? Too grey? Too windy? Too dark? There are plenty of games to play with your little ones indoors, to keep boredom at bay. Here are a few new ideas to get you started. Indoor bowling  Perfect for the hallway. Collect a set of 10 clean and empty plastic bottles or cardboard containers (juice boxes or milk cartons) and set them up just like the ten pins at the bowling alley. Use a stick, rope or bit of tape to mark out the starting line at the other end of the hallway - and then let the games begin! To make a level playing field among children of different ages you could add in additional starting lines closer to your "ten pins". Alternatively, you could get older kids to use a handball or tennis ball while younger ones get to roll a bigger ball.

Costco Butter Price List

Lurpak Unsalted Block Butter 3-pk $9.69 per 100g  $1.29 Lurpak Spreadable Salted Butter 500g $6.79 per 100g $1.36 Flora Pro Activ Spread 1Kg $12.39 per 100g $1.24 Western Star Unsalted/Salted Butter 1.5Kg $10.69 per 100g $0.71 Price as of 13 July, 2013.

Costco - TV Price Updates (13 July, 2013)

Many TVs are on special at Costco at the moment. Sharp     LC80LE940X   80"  $6749.96 Panasonic Viera E6A    50"  $1099.99 Panasonic Viera EM6    50"   $959.99 Sony      R55          60"  $1949.99 (till 21 July 2013) Sony      R55          70"  $3899.98   (till 21 July 2013) Sony      HX750        46"  $1299.97 Sony      W80          55"  $1799.99

Costco - Huggies Pullup Nappies

Huggies Pull-Ups An important step in the  toilet training process  is to foster your toddler’s desire to be a big kid and to be independent. Huggies Pull-Ups Toilet Training Pants have been designed with this in mind. By showing your child the Pull-Ups pant graphics and characters, they can see that they are more like undies than nappies. This helps to send a clear signal to your child that they are embarking on an exciting new stage of being a big kid. The “Feel Wet to Learn” Wetness Liner temporarily allows your child to feel the wetness against their skin before drawing it away. This in turn teaches your toddler to distinguish between feeling wet and feeling dry and helps them to learn when they need to go to the toilet. At Costco: Pull-Ups Size 2 51ct $34.99 (69c each) Pull-Ups Size 3 45ct $34.99 (78c each)

10 tips for winter health

With the winter months upon us, it’s important we take extra care with little ones during the colder weather. Take a look at our handy tips to make sure your child stays warm and well this winter. 1. Wrap up warm Think layers! Make sure your little one is wrapped up warmly but can take off layers easily if needed. Opt for wool over cotton if you can because it keeps the warmth in more effectively. We’ve all heard it, but it’s worth remembering – we lose up to 30% of our body heat through our heads, so make sure your bub wears a hat. A waterproof jacket is also a must-have for your toddler.

Victoria Snow Report

Winter is here.  Pack the bag and go for a ski. Click here to find out which is the best mountain to go to.

Information on Hospitals in Australia

MyHospitals presents information on hospitals throughout Australia including: Hospital profile Services offered Number of admissions Waiting times for emergency departments and elective surgery Time in emergency department Time in emergency department from arrival to departure Safety and quality Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infections  Hand hygiene

Life lessons by Denis Wright

1. Don't spend your life in a job you hate. Life is too short to live it only in the evening and at weekends. 2. If there's something bad happening in your life you genuinely have no control over, learn all you can about it and how to live with it. Beating your head against a brick wall is unproductive. 3. If you think you can change it, then go all out to do so. Try to understand its nature and work with it where you can.

Battery Risks on Kids

ADVICE FROM KIDSAFE Symptoms of swallowing a button battery include: chest pain coughing nausea/vomiting diarrhoea abdominal pain fever Button batteries are found in common devices:

Rates stay on hold at 2.75%

The RBA has decided to keep the cash rate on hold today, meaning that homeowners will have to face another month of interest rates at their current levels. For many, this move has not come as a surprise as most economists predicted that a rate cut was unlikely given the present state of the economy. Although conditions have worsened somewhat with the recent sharp slide of the Australian dollar, the move to reduce interest rates is viewed as a last resort by the RBA with rates already at historically low levels. Furthermore, the bank feels there is still room for results to deteriorate before any further action is required.

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