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Costco - TV Price Updates (13 July, 2013)

Many TVs are on special at Costco at the moment.

Sharp     LC80LE940X   80"  $6749.96

Panasonic Viera E6A    50"  $1099.99
Panasonic Viera EM6    50"   $959.99

Sony      R55          60"  $1949.99 (till 21 July 2013)
Sony      R55          70"  $3899.98 (till 21 July 2013)
Sony      HX750        46"  $1299.97
Sony      W80          55"  $1799.99

LG        LA6620       50"  $1899.99
LG        55LA7400     55"  $2099.99 (till 16 July 2013)
LG        60LA8600     60"  $3479.99 (till 16 July 2013)
LG        LN5710       60"  $1929.99 (till 16 July 2013)

Samsung   F6400        65"  $3299.99
Samsung   F8000        55"  $3099.99
Samsung   F8500        64"  $3299.99
Samsung   F7100        55"  $2499.99
Samsung   F6400        55"  $1759.99
Samsung   F6400        50"  $1499.99
Samsung   F6400        75"  $5599.99
Samsung   F5500        50"  $1099.99
Samsung   F5500        64"  $1759.99


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