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Raising resilient, passionate children

Received this great article in the email.  Love to share it here. People often tell us that their biggest worry is what will happen to their children and their grand-children when they are gone. It is one thing to hand on a substantial estate – generally built through years of hard work, discipline and planning. It is another to be confident that our children and grand-children will themselves have the discipline and the emotional resilience to make the most of the opportunities that they are presented. Family counselling expert, Bernie Bolger, has drawn on her clinical experience, together with cutting edge psychological research, to compile a list of the 8 mistakes parents make and the key strategies they can use to grow resilient, passionate kids who have the discipline themselves to achieve and maintain financial success. Growing resilient, passionate kids in affluence. In a world of material abundance, we all as parents are doing our best to raise self-disciplined, apprec