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How to restore iPhone?

My iPhone 5 was dead again.  (Yes, yes, I still use iPhone 5.  I plan to do the upgrade before the end of the year.)  The phone went dark and cannot be booted up.  It showed the Apple logo for a while and went dark again. The trick of pressing home button and power button together did not work.  I had to do the hard restore at the end. Restore iOS Make sure the latest iTune is installed on the Mac. Connect iPhone to the Mac using the cable that came with your device. (This is important.  Third-party cable may not work.) The message: "There's a problem with the [your device name] that requires it to be updated or restored." will be displayed on the Mac. Click Update to reset the phone. I was able to get the phone back in 20 minutes.  Do not click on the Restore button, which will set the phone back to the factory default.

iPhones at Costco

iPhone 11               --  64 GB - $1149.98 / 128 GB - $1229.99 iPhone 11 Pro         --  64 GB - $1689.99 / 256 GB - $1919.99 iPhone 11 Pro Max -- 256 GB - $2069.99

Essential Saving Tip - 5% off on grocery

Suncorp Benefits If you are a customer on the Suncorp Network, you have access to Suncorp Benefits!  It enables you  to save money on everyday purchases.  Suncorp Benefits gives you discounts of up to 15% from over 100 retailers so you can save when you shop. If you are not a customer on the Suncorp Network, the easiest way is to open a bank account with Suncorp.   In my opinion, this is the account,  Growth Saver Account , that you should open.  It not only enables you the access to benefits, but also allow your money to earn high interest rates.  With this account, you will need to top up $200+ every month to earn 2.60% (as of 2019/05/12). Once you have the account created, you need to wait for a couple days for it to be activated to access benefit.  You will need to install the Suncorp App and link the account, then you are ready to purchase all these gift cards with discounts, e.g. Coles and Woolworths. Purchasing Coles and Woolworths giving 5% off discount, it w

Managing your money

Sick of Quicken?  I hate its subscription model.  Charging too much. Here is the alternative: Moneydance Using this code, you might get 20% off:   DANCEFB2017 To get a 20% discount off Moneydance purchases please use the code below when purchasing Moneydance from purchase