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Bitcoin or a Bank? Here’s How They Stack Up

The following graphic was put together by the folks at Promontory Financial and is extremely telling. It looks at three ways in which a U.S. citizen might choose to go about sending a $1,000 downpayment to Europe for the purpose of renting a vacation home.  They put Bitcoin side by with with a traditional bank wire as well as a credit card transaction. The results might surprise you…

Price Check at Costco: Female-Only Product

Libra Goodnights Extra Pads 6x10 packs - $24.99 Poise Extra Plus Pads 60 count - $23.99 Stayfree Maxi Regular With Wings 4x20 packs - $17.49 Libra Super Tampons 192 count - $43.99 Carefree Tampons (with free case) 96 count - $16.98 Carefree Everyday Liner Breathable 96 count - $8.99 U By Kotex Ultrathins Regular 112 count - $22.89 U By Kotex Tampons Regular 192 count - $33.99 Stayfree Day & Night 60 count - $18.99 Prices as of Dec 27, 2013

Costco Baby Food - Baby Mum-Mum Organic Rice Rucks

Organic Original 36g (18 rusks)  9 sachets x 2 rusks 6 Boxes in a pack $9.99 at Costco (as of Dec 27, 2013) This is almost 50% off comparing to Coles or Woolworth.

Philips Airfryer (HD9220) at Costco

Great tasting fries with up to 80% less fat!* With Rapid Air technology for the perfect results Philips unique Rapid Air Technology lets you fry with air to make food that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Little or no oil is needed to ensure perfect texture and delicious results! HD 9220 (1400W) $179.99 at Costco (as of Dec 27, 2013)

10 Online Tools for Creating Infographics and Charts

Consumers today are incredibly visual. Most would rather look at an image or chart than read an entire article or report. Luckily, there are now ways to fit just as much information into an image as there would normally be in a text article. Infographics are visuals used to convey information. The purpose is to break down complex information and present it in a way that can be easily understood. For businesses, they can be used for marketing, client presentations and a wide range of other purposes. Gone are the days where you need an entire graphics team to create them. If you have information to present, there are tools for creating infographics and charts that help you to visually bring it to life. Tools for Creating Infographics and Charts This free tool features more than 30 different types of charts. It’s a popular platform, with more than 800,000 infographics created so far.

Security Predictions for 2014

Unless you're planning a return to typewriters to avoid electronic data leaks as the Kremlin has reportedly done this year, you'll need to be aware of the ever-changing information security landscape. There are possibly too many threats and mitigating strategies to cover – expect much more security awareness overall – but here's a taste of what's to come from the desks of those who see threats and their effects daily. Security v privacy The debate around security and privacy, and which is more important, will be a huge issue next year, says Michael Sentonas, global chief technology officer at McAfee.

Ten of the best hidden foodie highlights

Savour these deliciously off-beat traditional specialties and get a true taste of the local culture to boot. Hotdog,  Chicago ,  USA Classic Chicago hotdog with fries. Image by Lauri Patterson / E+ / Getty Images. Throw out any misgivings you might have about the plebeian hot dog – Chicago’s version of this all-American classic is an all-beef affair, spiced with mustard, pickle relish and celery salt, topped with fresh diced tomatoes and onions, a pickle spear and hot sport peppers. This truly indigenous food is said to be the invention of the Windy City’s enterprising residents and their multicultural heritage of European, Jewish and Mediterranean roots. No ordinary hot dog, a tasty frankfurter and salad encased in a soft poppy-seed bun makes this one elegant snack.

Public transport prices set to rise in 2014

PUBLIC transport fares will increase 2.4 per cent from New Year's Day. A two-hour zone one Myki money fare will increase from $3.50 to $3.58. But travellers will lose 59 minutes of travel from a two-hour pass as the Government cuts the time limit from two hours 59 minutes to exactly two hours after a passenger touches on public transport. A two-hour zone one and two Myki money pass will increase from $5.92 to $6.06.

Coloring Pages

Free printable  coloring pages  for kids of all ages. On, you will find various Coloring sheets and  Printable  coloring book pictures related to Christmas,  Halloween , Valentine's Day, Easter, movies, super heroes, animals or bible characters. You can either choose to color your drawings online or print them to color and offer them to your family and friends. The  Hellokids printables  is not only fun but has many benefits too.  Coloring will aid your child with holding a writing tool the right way which helps the development of their finger, hand and wrist muscles.  Children learn hand-eye coordination, helping them color with in the lines.  The Hellokids printable coloring pages will help your child to focus on details while being relaxed and comfortable.  Coloring teaches children how to plan by choosing what colors they will use and how they will start and finish coloring their picture.  Pre-reading and pre-math skills can also be learned when they see an

14 things every successful person has in common

1. They know when to stay and when to leave. Successful people know exactly when they should change employers, start a company or fold their company. They have good intuition and aren't afraid to make hard choices, despite opposing forces. 2. They do more than what's asked of them. They view their job descriptions as just the beginning of what they can do with their job. After they've completed their mandatory tasks, they will always ask to take on more projects that challenge them. They are even willing to take on the tedious work that no one else wants to do in order to be a team player. 3. They are willing to fail in order to eventually succeed.

The 15 Best Websites, According to Redditors

Unraveling the ever-changing World Wide Web to find the very best sites can be a daunting and time consuming task. Or, you could just ask  Reddit . That's what one Redditor did Thursday, posing to the rest of the community  the question , "What is the best website other than Reddit?" Commenters sprang into action posting thousands of comment replies, naming sites that run the gamut from arcane to whimsical. Below, we've compiled a list of the 15 comments with the highest number of points (calculated by subtracting the comment's downvotes from its upvotes). Please note that the list may change as more people chime in with their opinions. Also, we've only included websites from comments replying directly to the original poster, not comments replying to other comments. 1.  Wikipedia If you don't know what Wikipedia is by now, perhaps you should check the  Wikipedia page for it. Then, prepare for a trip down the rabbit hole of cross-linked, Internet

40 money things you need to know by 40

MANY by-40 milestones have become debatable: Get married? Only if you really want to. Own a home? If it's financially feasible. Know what you want to be when you grow up? Well, if 40 is the new 30, you're certainly entitled to change your mind 1. The three basics of a solid financial foundation. Credit card debt paid off. Emergency fund stocked up. Retirement account(s) in existence and growing. Everything else (travel, homeownership, investments) should come after. 2. How to create a budget. Because without one, you may not reach any of your goals, like buying a home, paying off your credit card debt or travelling the world. Learn how to build your budget with our step-by-step guide. 3. How much you should be saving. The answer: 20%. Not sure how we arrived at this number? Look no further than the 50/20/30 rule, which divvies up your monthly budget as follows: 50% is reserved for essentials (think mortgage, rent and groceries), 30% is allocated for yo

Flight Attendant's Top Hotel Security Tips

Here are her top words of accommodation wisdom: 1. Zip it Never talk about where your staying on the plane or in the airport - especially if you're travelling solo. You don't know who could be listening. This is just as important when you arrive at the hotel - don't let others see your room number. If you're travelling with others, write it on a piece of paper and give it to them. 2. Excess baggage