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Diable 3 - Secret Pony Level

Yes, there is no cow level, but there is a pretty pony level in D3.

You will need Staff of Herding in order to enter this rainbow happy island.  There are a few materials required to craft Staff of Herding:

  • Black Mushroom (I did in 2 runs.)
  • Leoric's Shinbone (I did in 2 runs.)
  • Liquid Rainbow (I did in 7 runs.)
  • Wirt's Bell (I did in 1 run.)
  • Gibbering Gemstone (I did in 11 runs.)
  • Staff of Herding Plans (I did in 6 runs.)

This web site has a comprehensive walkthrough on how to get to Pony level.  There is no need for me to describe here again.

To assemble Staff of Herding, I spent around 3 hours in total to obtains these materials.  I put the number of runs in order to get materials above.

Enjoy the pony!


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