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Reading Comprehension - Rewrite the sentence

* In this section, you are given a sentence. The sentence has then been re-written, but only the first half of the new sentence has been provided. Choose the best ending so the new sentence tells us the same thing.

I walked my dog to the park.

If we rewrite the beginning with:

I walked to the park..

What will the ending be?

A: by myself.
B: with my dog.
C: with my brother.
D: with my cat.
E: by my dog.

I go swimming at the beach.

If we rewrite the beginning with:

At the beach...

What will the ending be?

A: I build sandcastles.
B: I lay on the sand.
C: I play with my sister.
D: I go swimming.
E: I swim.

I am in grade 6 at school.

If we rewrite the beginning with:

At school I.....

What will the ending be?

A: am in grade 5.
B: play football.
C: have lots of friends.
D: am in grade 6.
E: like maths.

My friends and I play outside.

If we re-write it beginning with:

I play outside...

What will the ending be?

A: with my brother.
B: by myself.
C: with my sister.
D: with my dog.
E: none of these


* In this section, each example sentence does not have any punctuation. You need to choose the correctly re-written sentence.

jade likes cake

A: jade's like cake.
B: jade like cake.
C: Jade like cake.
D: Jade likes cake.
E: Jade like cakes.

molly and i walked to the shop

A: Molly and I walked to the shop.
B: molly and I walked to the shop.
C: Molly and i walked to the shop.
D: molly and me walks to the shop.
E: I and Molly walk to the shops.


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