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Verbal Reasoning - Reasoning

Tom's tree is taller than Henry's tree, but shorter than Brad's tree.

Who has the tallest tree?

A: Tom

B: Henry

C: Brad

D: Tom and Henry

E: none of these

The red ball is bigger than the blue ball.  the blue ball is bigger than the pink ball.

What is the colour of the smallest ball?

A: blue

B: red

C: blue & red

D: pink

E: none of these

The purple rock is heavier than the blue rock but not as heavy as the brown rock.

What colour is the heaviest rock?

A: brown

B: brown & blue

C: blue

D: purple

E: none of these


Chloe, Anthony and Jayden are running a race.  Chloe can run faster than Anthony but not as fast as Jayden.

Who is the fastest runner?

A: Chloe

B: Anthony

C: Jayden

D: Anthony & Jayden

E: none of these

Car A is bigger and faster than car C.  Car B is bigger and faster than car A.

Which car is the biggest and faster?

A: car A

B: car B

C: car C

D: car A & car B

E: non of these


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