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Reading Comprehension - Understanding the story

* The following paragraph is to be used to answer the next question.

When Mary's family goes to the beach, Mary and her brother Tim like swimming.  Mary's little sister Amy is too scared of the waves, so she stays on the sand building sandcastles.

In this question, who probably doesn't like swimming in the ocean?

A: Mary
B: Tim
C: Amy
D: Amy's sister
E: none of these

* The following paragraph is to be used to answer the next two questions.

Jack was going on a holiday to Cairns with his family. He had never been on an aeroplane before, so he was very excited about the trip. It was going to be very hot in Cairns, so Jack packed his summer clothes.

In this story what had Jack never travelled on before?

A: aeroplane
B: boat
C: train
D: bus
E: Cairns

Why did Jack pack his summer clothes?

A: His mother told him to.
B: Because it is cold in Cairns.
C: His father told him to.
D: Because it is hot in Cairns.
E: Because they were his favourites.

* The following paragraph is to be used to answer the final three questions.

My parents bought me a puppy, whom I named Lucky. When Lucky cries I pick her up and give her a cuddle. This makes her tail wag and she stops crying. I think Lucky likes cuddles.

The main theme of this story is:

A: Lucky was hungry.
B: A cuddle made Lucky happy.
C: Lucky wanted to play fetch.
D: Lucky wanted to go outside of the house.
E: Lucky was bored.

From the story above, which statement is correct?

A: The puppy's name was Coco.
B: The puppy does not like cuddles.
C: The child in the story found the puppy in the park.
D: The child's mother and father bought her a puppy.
E: All of these are correct.

From the story above, which statement does not follow?

A: Lucky the puppy sometimes cries.
B: All puppies are brown.
C: Lucky the puppy likes cuddles.
D: Lucky's tail wags when she gets a cuddle.
E: A cuddle made Lucky happy.


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