May 30, 2012

State Library of Victoria

The Library has a lot more going on than shelves of books. You can play chess, use game consoles, workshop projects with your friends, check out what's hanging in our galleries, watch films, listen to music, and browse newspapers and magazines. Check What's on for listings of our events and exhibitions.
The building itself – an icon of heritage architecture – is worth a thorough investigation. The history of the Library is evident in almost every room – there are Victorian quirks and curlicues, grand marble staircases, panes of stained glass, and hand-hewn bluestone walls.

Opening hours

The Library is open seven days a week, excluding some public holidays.
Monday to Thursday: 10am–9pm
Friday to Sunday: 10am–6pm


328 Swanston St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia
Tel +61 3 8664 7000
Nearest train station: Melbourne Central
Nearest tram stop: Cnr Swanston & La Trobe Streets

All information was obtained from State Library of Victoria.

Costco Price Update (May 2012)

Systane Eye Drop 15ml - $4.99

Jalna Vanilla Yogurt 1kg - $4.19

Chicken Tenderlion - $10.99/kg

Chicken Wings - $2.99/kg

Beef Short Ribs - $15.99/kg

Photo Print
  • 4x6 - $0.09 (Big W $0.15)
  • 5x7 - $0.25
  • 6x8 - $0.59
  • 8x10 - $1.99
  • 8x12 - $1.99
  • 11x14 - $4.99
  • 12x16 - $5.99
  • 12x18 - $5.99
Canvas Print
  • 16x20 - $59.99 (Big W $88.84)
  • 20x30 - $104.98 (Big W $146.00)
  • 40x60 - $329.99 (Big W $394.00)
  • 16x16 - $53.99 (Big W $69.84)
  • 24x24 - $99.99 (Big W $148.00)

May 7, 2012

SEO - Tracking Site Progress

There are only a few things you need to track in order to see how well your site are doing.

1. The number of other web sites linking to your web site - Backlink.

These links are called backlinks.  How to find backlinks to your site?  There is no need for you to search the web and go to some ads infected sites or download God-know what software that is to find out backlinks.  The best tool is Google Webmaster Tools and it's FREE.

2. The number of pages on your site that have been indexed by Google.

Simply Google for site:[your domain]

For example,

3. The number of times someone uses Delicious to bookmark your site.

Simply search [your domain] on

For example, search

4. The number of pages on your site that have been indexed by Yahoo/Bing.

Bing Webmaster Center

5. The number of page hits on your site - Website Traffic.

Website traffic is the end result you are aiming for.  The best tool is Google Analytics.  It can break down traffic by many categories including demographics, language, etc...  It also has in-page analytic allowing you to see how users navigate your site.

I found out the other simple tool, StatCounter.  It's simple to you and you can schedule simple reports sent to your email inbox.

May 5, 2012

Guide to high performance laundry detergent

What to look for in a laundry detergent

  • Above average overall dirt removal performance, giving you a clean and fresh result
  • Low salt levels, which is important for recycling water from treatment plants
  • OK for occasional garden use of the wash water
Based on weightings of the above criteria we recommend the following detergents.
Top 2 recommended powder and liquid detergents for top loaders and front loaders
Powder DetergentsLiquid Detergents
Top LoadersBiozet
Omo Small & Mighty 2 x concentrate
Seventh Generation
OMO Small & Mighty 3 x active power
Front LoadersBiozet
Omo Small & Mighty 2 x concentrate (at ½ dose)
Seventh Generation
OMO Small & Mighty 3 x active power