Apr 21, 2015

Find a discounted place at one of Australia’s leading private schools

School Places is the only way to find & claim a discounted place at one of Australia’s leading private schools.

Let's face it. Not many parents can afford private school fees without making a few sacrifices.

For a child born this year, the total cost of private school education from pre-school to year 12 could easily exceed $500,000. That's a lot to budget for.

For a while now private school fees have been increasing at a higher rate than CPI.
In other words, fees are growing at a faster rate than household incomes.

Schools often find themselves with unexpected vacancies across different year levels. These can come about for many reasons such as last minute cancellations or families moving out of the area at short notice.

These vacancies are often hard to fill, especially if they're not in key intake year levels (like year 7) and can stay vacant for years.

School Places partners with private schools to help fill last minute vacancies. By offering a relatively small short term financial incentive we help schools fill those vacancies with parents looking to move schools immediately.

* The other side of coin is that these private school would usually be the non popular ones.  As popular private schools are not to get in, left alone offering discount tuition.

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