Brickset: the top online resource for LEGO collectors worldwide. We're more than just a blog: Brickset is a database of nearly every LEGO set ever made. Start by browsing our database of over 9,500 sets.

Rebrickable: Save money on buying LEGO by mixing up your current sets to build others. Rebrickable uses powerful algorithms to calculate what other sets/MOCs you can build from your existing sets and loose parts. If you don't have exactly the right ones, it will show close matches and can perform some fuzzy color matching logic.

Lego Instructions: We currently have over 3300 building instructions available online which date back to sets packed in 2002.
You can search for replacement instructions by set number, key word or brand. Scroll down after you submit your search to see the results.

Brickpicker: Price guide and investment blog.

* Lego Education Center in Melbourne

* Secret Lego 

The LUGBULK program.  Find your local Lego group!

* How many pieces of lego bricks per kilogram?

Based on my google online research, it is roughly around 600 pieces of lego bricks per kilogram.

* Pick-A-Brick Cost Comparison

Really good document with comprehensive analysis.

* How to organise lego bricks?

37 Genius LEGO Organization Ideas
20 Lego Storage Ideas You Can Buy Today

* Dream Job - Professional Lego Master Builder

The Brick Man

* Idea for Lego Activities

70+ Learning Activities

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