Mar 28, 2013

8 ways to have Easter fun without too much chocolate

With grandparents, friends and relatives all getting excited about spoiling your princess with chocolate treats, the Easter period could prove to be your worst nightmare. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t all have to be about chocolate and if you feel your child is too young or you’re not
comfortable giving them endless bags of Easter eggs; there are plenty of other ways to have fun.

1. Flying Easter fruit: Have a look at our Flying fruit recipe, grab some small Easter-themed cookie cutters (or use a knife and your creative eye!) and make some strings of fruit for your little ones to play with and eat. You can use any fruit you like and could even provide a small bowl of yoghurt or custard for dipping. Messy but fun!

2. Easter-themed fruit: You may have already tried our Little fruity octopus recipe to entice your toddler but as it’s Easter why not get creative with different Easter animals: instead of making tentacles out of the banana, chop the banana in half, split it down the middle and use the two pieces to make some bunny ears. And if you fancy treating your little one, why not replace the blueberry eyes with chocolate mini eggs or chocolate chips?

3. Easter toys and activities: Unlike adults, small children are less likely to associate Easter with chocolate as they haven’t been so exposed to the tradition. This is excellent news for you because it allows you to take the focus away from the sweet stuff and onto something healthier and fun.
Most little ones won’t care if they get chocolate or not and will be far more satisfied with a toy or activity. If you want to keep it Easter-themed treat them to a cuddly Easter bunny or lamb, or some finger puppets, or print out some Easter bilby colouring-in activities. 

4. Cooking with eggs: Eggs are one of the first things you associate with Easter but they don’t all have to be chocolate. If you’ve tested and your little ones are not allergic to them why not get them to help you whisk up some scrambled eggs, make an omelette or mix and decorate some Easter cupcakes Just remember to keep smaller kids away from hot surfaces!

5. Eggs and soldiers: If you don’t want all the cleaning up of scrambled eggs and omelettes, splurge on an Easter eggcup and matching spoon. Just cook a couple of boiled eggs, cut up some toast and let them dip away.

6. Painting and decorating boiled eggs: If you’ve got a little artist in the family they will have heaps of fun decorating eggs. Blow the egg out of the shell (and use to make a Mixed vegetable fritatta!) throw down a towel or painting sheet and grab some food colouring and brushes. Children love to get messy and creative with colours and patterns so let them go to town with their designs. Then it’s just a case of letting them dry and proudly lining them up for all to see! Click here for Margaret Fulton’s easy Easter egg decorating instructions.

7. Egg-shaped treat boxes or eggcups: If your kids are allergic to eggs or too young to help you in the kitchen visit your local craft shop and buy some plastic egg-shaped containers to put small toys in as a treat. You may find younger babies are more entertained playing with the container than anything you put inside. Or alternatively use some eggcups to serve some healthy treats. Rather than using chocolate as a treat, use carrot sticks, small chunks of Homemade muesli bar or some chopped up Bliss balls and encourage them to gobble them up as the Easter bunny would.

8. Play dress up: Speaking of the Easter bunny… if your toddler is too small to understand what’s going on have some fun by playing dress up! If you’re happy spending money on a costume then go all out, or alternatively visit an op shop to see if they have any bargains.
If you’re feeling creative, grab a hair band, colouring pencils and some cardboard from your local Woolies and make your own with your little bunny-in-the-making!

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