Mar 22, 2014

Baby Care: Things You May Not Need

Things you may not need...

1. Alphabet / Number Playmat

This sounds a good idea at first.  It does protect baby from bumping the hardwood floor.  The reason I don't like about it is that it is difficult to clean.  Anything can fell easily between the gaps.

I would suggest you look into playmat that is one single piece.

2. Baby Rucksack

What's the reason you need this again?  To look good?

3. Changing Bag

You could find bags cheaply.  Go ahead.  There is no need to get expensive bag.  The bag does not last long anyway.  Use a normal shoulder bag that is lighter and cheaper.  If you need insulated pockets for baby food, you can always buy a separate bottle or food carrier.

4. Playpen

I almost bought one.  I researched it online / offline and found out playpen is expensive.  A few pieces of plastic cost $100+.  Why?  To get more money from parents.  Putting baby in a cage is not humane.  It does not last long before baby finds a way to overcome it, too.

Travel cot is a better option where you can put baby in to ensure he/she is safe when you need to keep eyes away for a second.

5. Baby Shampoo / Soap

Most of time,  I just give baby a warm bath without any shampoo or soap.  If needed, go to baby shows or so and get some samples.  These samples from every shows last 3 years for my baby.

6. Baby Wipe Warmer

Seriously?  What a great idea.  I am tempted to purchase one, but since my baby never complain about the cool during winter.  I got away with it.

7. Nappy Disposal System

Expensive!  I use grocery bags mainly.  Cover the bin with a lid and empty it every day.

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