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Costco Price List 2

Costco Dockloands, Melbourne

381 Footscray Road
Docklands, VIC 3008

Other price list: 1 wine nappies

Price List:


Utility Cart - $59.99
Kitchen Aid Chef's Basic White Food Processor $299.99
Russell Hobbs Food Processor $124.99
Sealy Sterling Mattress Single $199.99
Sunbeam Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater $96.99
Kawasaki Titanium Drill Bit Set 99pc $27.98
Powerbuilt Pressure Washer 2600/180bar $499.99
McMillan V Twin Engine Air Compressor $729.99
Techlite LED Aluminum Flashlight 2 pack $21.69
Glad Wrap 300mx33cm $12.58 (Per m $0.04)
Balloon Time Helium Kit 50 balloons $52.99
Little Camp Set (kids) $29.99


Clearasil Ultra Daily Cream Wash 2x175ml $18.99
Q-tips Coton Swabs 1875ct $12.39 (Per 100 $0.66)
Banana Boat Value Pack SP 30 3pk $6.97


Beechworth Pure Honey 2x1.5kg $19.99 (Per 100g $0.67)
Kirkland Signature Raw Pine Nuts 680g $32.99 (Per 100g $4.85)
Kraft OREO Original 3x300g $7.99 (Per 100g $0.89)
Cheezels 500g $5.29 (Per 100g $1.06)
Sugar Bowl Bakery Petite Palmiers 907g $10.49 (Per 100g $1.17)
Nabisco Ritz Crackers 3x250g $6.29 (Per 100g $0.84)
Yumi's Olive Dip 350g $5.29 (Per 100g $1.51)


Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner 5L $10.99 (Per 100ml $0.22)
Scotch-Brite Heavy Duty 18pk $21.19 (Per each $1.18)
Scotch-Brite Non Scratch 18pk $21.19 (Per each $1.18)
Dawn Advanced Power Dish Detergent 2.66L $12.58 (Per L $4.73)
Palmolive Regular Dishwashing 5L $18.99 (Per 100ml $0.38)
=> Got from Chemist Warehouse (May 14, 2011) $2.99 for 1L.
Finish Lemon Powder 3kg $13.59 (Per kg $4.53)
Finish All-In-One Tablets Lemon 112ct $36.99 (Per 100 $33.03)
Harpic White & Shine 3x450ml $7.99 (Per 100ml $0.59)


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