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Traffic Camera in Whitehorse

The following are some locations that traffic camera installed around Whitehorse Area in Melbourne.  Anyway, the best way to avoid the ticket is to obey the rule.  The second best way is to invest in a good GPS with camera locations.  Good Luck!


  • Intersection of Whitehorse Road and Surrey Road.
  • Whitehorse Road, between Downing Stand and Sergeant Street.
  • Whitehorse Road, between Service Road and Elmhurst Road.
  • Surrey Road, between Springfield Road and Maroondah Highway.
  • Blackburn Road, between Windermere Court and Eustace Street.

Blackburn North

  • Intersection of Middleborough Road and Eastern Freeway.
  • Springfield Road, between Springvale Road and Surrey Road.
  • Springfield road, between Surrey Road and Middleborough Road.
  • Surrey Road, between Koonung Creek and Springfield Road

Blackburn South

  • Canterbury Road, between Station Street and Middleborough Road.
  • Station Street, between Severn Street and Clyde Street.

Box Hill

  • Intersection of Canterbury Road and Station Street.
  • Intersection of Station Street and Thames Street.
  • Intersection of Maroondah Highway and Elgar Road.
  • Canterbury Road, between Station Street and Middleborough Road.
  • Station Street, between Severn Street and Clyde Street.

Box Hill North

  • Intersection of Elgar Road and Arnold Street.
  • Belmore Road, between Elgar Road nad Union Road.
  • Station Street, between Woodhouse Grove and Wimmera Street.
  • Elgar road, between Belmore Road and Shannon Street.

Box Hill South

  • Eley Road, between Middleborough Road and Station Street.
  • Station Street, between Canterbury Road and Riversdale Road.
  • Elgar Road, between Canterbury Road and Riversdale Road.

Burwood East

  • Intersection of Burwood Highway and Blackburn Road.


  • Station Street, between Eley Road nad Burwood Highway.
  • Elgar Road, between Riversdale Road and Burwood Highway.


  • Brunswick Road, between Percy Street and Denman Street.
  • Springfield Road, between Springvale road nad Mitcham Road.
  • Heatherdale Road, between Maroonhah Highway and Canterbury Road.
  • Purches Street, between Culwell Avenue and Toomey Street.
  • Mitcham Road, between Maroondah Highway and Canterbury Road.
  • Mitcham Road, between Springfield Road and Maroondah Highway.

Mont Albert

  • Whitehorse Road, between Hotham Street and Kingsley Cres.


  • Intersection of Maroondah Highway and Springvale Road.
  • Central Road, between Joyce Street and Lewis Court.

Surrey Hills

  • Intersection of Canterbury Road and Warrigal Road.
  • Intersection of Mont Albert Road and Union Road.


  • Boronia Road, between Centre Road nad Holyrood Drive.
  • Boronia Road, between Phikip Street and Morack Road.


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