Aug 27, 2012

Activities for Kids

Looking for activities for kids under two in Melbourne.

The Melbourne for Kids has a intensive list to help parents looking to spend some quality time with kids.

Melbourne for Kids was founded in 2009. It is a creation of Renata Fortes. Renata is a creative person who has worked in the online marketing and advertising world since 1998. She decided to develop this website because she found that Mums and Dads needed some help to find things to do to entertain their kids. As well as this, it would help all young parents to be inspired in finding things to do with their family

With extensive internet experience Renata developed a competitor analysis for this project and she found that there was no user-friendly websites that displayed kids activities in Melbourne. So for this narrow niche she developed a concept where with only three clicks visitors can find many child friendly activities. This concept makes the Melbourne for Kids website a quick and easy tool to use.

Kidspot also has tons of activities listed to hep busy parents to plan for weekend.

We-Love-Melbourne has many suggestions on outdoor activities for kids during weekend.

Another two cultural experiences that kids would love:

Art Centre Melbourne

NGV - Kids Club

Let me know what's your favorite.

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