Jun 16, 2013

Will my toddler get enough calcium?

It is recommended that children aged from 1-3 consume at least 700 milligrams of calcium a day, which is equivalent to 2 cups of cow's milk. 

There are plenty of calcium-rich, dairy-free alternatives out there such as soy, These lactose-free options allow you to make the same recipe you would for your family simply by swapping out the dairy product for soy or tofu, for example. 

Foods such as beans, cabbage, oranges and almonds are also great sources of calcium as outlined below: 

FoodServing sizeCalcium
Collard greens1 cup, boiled357 mg
Fortified soymilk1 cup368 mg
Black-eyed peas1 cup, boiled211 mg
Firm tofu 1/2 cup204 mg
Calcium-fortified orange juice6 oz200 mg
Blackstrap molasses1 Tbsp172 mg
Baked beans1 cup, canned154 mg
Kale1 cup, cooked94 mg
Chinese cabbage1 cup, raw74 mg
Oranges1 cup72 mg
Almonds1 oz70 mg

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