Nov 17, 2012

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Home Cooking

1. Too much salt in your soup? Simply cut a peeled potato in half and place it in the dish - let it simmer for 15-30 minutes and it will absorb most of the saltiness. This also applies for casseroles, stews and curries.

2. Rest steak after cooking. This allows its juices to spread out and be absorbed back into the meat producing the maximum amount of flavour.

3. Keep the rind of an orange after peeling and add some of it a cup of black tea for a sweet citrus sensation.

4. Let risotto sit for a few of minutes. Once your risotto has reached al dente stage and you’ve mixed in your butter and parmesan cheese, let it set for a couple of minutes - this will ensure its not too sloppy on the plate.

5. Soak calamari in milk and pineapple juice before cooking. This will prevent it from becoming tough and chewy.

6. To prevent tears when cutting onions wash your hands and the onion under cold water prior to chopping. Refrigerating or freezing onions before chopping also helps.

7. Rub your hands on the kitchen sink (must be stainless steel, you can also use a stainless steel spoon) under running water to remove garlic and onion odours. Salt and toothpaste will also help remove the smell.

8. Store potatoes with an apple to keep them from budding

9. When boiling eggs, prevent the shells from cracking by adding salt to water before boiling.

10. Prevent water boiling over - when boiling rice, noodles, or pasta, add a lump of butter or a few teaspoons of cooking oil in the water to prevent it from boiling over.

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