Jul 29, 2013

Food Waste Avoidance 1 - Use-By VS Best Before

Know your "Use By" and "Best Before"

   from FoodWise.

Food spoilage

Food spoilage is an undesirable change occurring in food due to of air, heat, light, moisture and/or insects, which foster the growth of microbes. Food can be classified as:
  • Perishable  e.g. Meat, milk, fruits, some vegies
  • Semi-perishable  e.g. Eggs, onions, potatoes, carrot
  • Non-perishable  e.g. Cereals, pulses, nuts
These classifications influence the appropriate storage for different foods.

Packaged foods with a shelf life under 2 years must have a ‘Use by’ or ‘Best before’ date stamped on the packaging.

Use By means that the foods must be eaten or thrown away by the date, whereas Best Before means foods are still safe to eat after the date as long as they are not damaged, deteriorated or perished.

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