Jan 9, 2014

Lakes Entrance - Fishing And Crabbing

  • Lakes Entrance, Victoria
  • This is around 4 hours drive from Melbourne.
  • Sandblasting Jetty on Bullock Island is a popular spot.
  • Map or GPS (see below)
  • Tide Time (Check at Australian Tide Time)
  • Fishing License (Purchase at Kmart or DPI online)
  • Container/Ice Box or Fish Keeping Net (Limit of 30 crabs or 1 litre per person)
  • Sunscreen
  • Drinking water (You will be there for a long time; with so much funs, you won't be able to stop crabbing.)
  • Gloves (Save your hands from pulling the rope.)
  • Tongs (Save your fingers.)
  • Bait - Chicken bones, seal meat, squid, etc.
  • Some ropes to tie the baits.
  • A bucket (to collect some sea water.)
  • Drop Nets - Get good quality one; it makes the difference. (Limit of 2 per person)
  • Ice - This would keep crabs alive a bit longer.

Fun Part – Crabbing:
  • Best time is the low tide towards the highest tide.
  • Tie chicken to the bottom of the net.
  • Throw the net into the ocean and wait between 10~15 minutes before pulling it up.
  • Put a rock in the net if current is strong.  This will help the net sinking to the bottom of ocean quicker in the spot you like.
  • Remember to keep your crabs in some sea water, so they can live for a bit longer.  One way would be keeping crabs in the fish keeping net, which puts in the ocean until you are leaving.
Best Part – Eating:
  • Cook it ASAP.
  • Crab does not survive well once it is out of sea.
  • Make a soup, deep fry, stream, etc.

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