Aug 7, 2013

Food Waste Avoidance 10 - Smart Shopping

“The way we shop influences how much food we use or don’t use in our homes. Shopping without a menu plan and list means you are more likely to buy more than you need – food that will end up in the bin.” - Love Food Hate Waste (NSW)

So then, what is “Smart Shopping”?

Smart shopping is a combination of behaviours and actions that leads you towards creating a waste-free kitchen in your home. This combination includes:
  • Weekly menu planning
  • Using a shopping list
  • Avoiding not-so-Special Offers
  • Knowing when 'not' to shop
  • Kidspeak
The smart shopping approach to 3 of the ingredients in the Vegie Spring Rolls, looks like:

My smart shopping

So I can learn from this and grow my own garlic, avoiding an imported product and excessive wasteful packaging.

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